PIKE Place Market

After living downtown for a couple months now, I thought that it was finally time to really walk around + get to know the area.

Even though I have lived in my new place since June, I still find it strange that I am able to go to the market whenever.

Growing up in the suburbs, especially i­n high school, whenever my friends and I would go down to Seattle we would pretty much always make an event out of it. We would text each other to see what everyone was wearing so we would look cute for the pictures that would eventually make their way to Facebook, Instagram, or whatever.

Now I’ll go down to the market and walk around looking like I just came from that nonexistent gym I belong to. It’s not that I’m walking around like a slob, but it’s probably just that I’m no longer walking around the market in search of the picture that will get the most likes. Now that I’m not worrying about what my hair looks like or if my makeup is smeared, I have the chance to really walk around and take in everything around me.

I’m sure that it also helps not having my phone in front of my face. In order to do so I made a playlist (the one included on this entry,) pressed play, put my phone away + was on my way. It’s nice to walk around without having to worry about a schedule. You can walk around and head in the direction of whatever catches your eye. You notice things that you normally pass + sometimes discover something completely new. 

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