Out + About

Fall is here + I love it. I walked over to the Seattle Center + the contrast between the leaves + the arches was stunning.

Since I was in the general area, I thought that it would be a great idea to walk up to Kerry Park. In hindsight, that’s now up for debate. On the positive side, the view was great. However… don't try to walk up the Queen Anne hill on a whim. Just don’t. It might sound great in the beginning, but about two steps into your journey your ass will be screaming for you to call an Uber. When I finally made it up the hill and settled onto one of the benches at the park, it decided to rain. I’m sure that if I would’ve checked the weather I would’ve known that, but of course I didn’t. I guess that’s one of the cons of wandering around. You get on a roll and pay no mind to the simple things, like weather. And being the stubborn person that I am, I told myself that I was going to walk back. One drenched outfit later, I was home and vowed to myself to always check the weather before deciding to walk around.

Coffee, coffee, coffee! This week also had the Gilmore Girls Luke’s Diner pop up stores + lucky for me, there was one down the street from my place. Unfortunately, the biggest Gilmore Girls fan in my life wasn’t able to go so I went down + braved the long line in her honor. The shop was set up with the infamous Luke’s sign outside + ‘No Cell Phones’ sign inside. They had a marathon of episodes going on along with one of the barista’s dressed like Luke, backwards cap + all. 'Twas great.

britt siva