The Day After...

Yesterday was, well, yesterday. And today is a new day. A weird day to say the least. 

There was a protest held at Westlake Park + since I live nearby I decided to check it out.

This is what I saw.


The strangest thing happened to me on my walk home. I passed someone on the street and noticed that they were wearing a shirt I had designed. It was a project that I had worked on more than a year ago, and quite frankly, I had completely forgotten that I had even done it. I don’t know what came over me, but I turned around and ran down the street + attempted to stop the man. I probably scared the living daylights out of him, especially since it was later in dark out, but I was too excited to even think about that. Seeing someone wear your work is incredibly humbling. I introduced myself to him explaining that I had designed the shirt he was wearing. We then chatted for a few minutes + he told me that it was one of his favorite shirts. At the end he was gracious enough to allow me to take a picture. There’s also a design on the back of the shirt, but I didn’t want to trouble him more than I already had. It's safe to say that this for sure made my day.


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